Change your life with PEMF

Change your life with PEMF
August 26, 2014 Allie Ochs

Shaquille O’Neal, Muhammad Ali and Lance Armstrong are big fans of PEMF

For North Americans, the notion that you don’t need any pills to permanently relieve chronic pain and improve overall health might seem foreign. But pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is changing that. More than 400,000 people and 4,000 athletes in Europe use PEMF therapy. Closer to home, Shaquille O’Neal, Muhammad Ali and Lance Armstrong are big fans of PEMF.

A healthy body begins at the root — or cellular level. While they have various roles, two of the most vital functions of cells are keeping DNA safe from damage and providing energy. To operate efficiently, cells communicate using electromagnetic frequencies. If they become compromised and communication slows, you experience a reduction in physical function, and a host of health conditions and diseases.

A healthy body begins at the root — or cellular level

Now, factor in that every living thing generates its own electromagnetic field (EMF), which is continually influenced by external EMFs — including the earth’s surface. As our bodies have adapted through time, our cells’ electrical activity has also evolved within the earth’s static magnetic field. When subjected to EMFs produced by thunderstorms that create natural, low frequency vibrations (called Schumann resonances), there is a vital stimulatory effect on our cells. As a result, good health and cellular stability can only occur when the body is balanced within the earth’s magnetic field. In fact, in Japan, fibromyalgia is referred to as Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.

We come in contact with harmful EMFs, daily

That earth-created balance is thrown off when harmful, man-made EMFs block cells from communicating with one another or benefiting from the earth’s magnetic field. This results in increased occurrences of heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, sexual dysfunction, cancer and blood disorders. What’s worse is that we come in contact with harmful EMFs, daily, through the use of cell phones, WiFi, televisions, microwaves, electric outlets and other electricity-generating devices, and power lines.

PEMF mimics the earth’s magnetic field in frequencies

While reducing interaction with EMFs has become almost impossible, PEMF mimics the earth’s magnetic field in frequencies and intensities. Extensive research has revealed that there is a very narrow range of frequencies to which humans and animals react positively (0.5 – 30 Hz), called the “Adey Window”. Exposure to these health-enhancing frequencies stimulates electrical and chemical processes in the body.

Used in Europe for decades

PEMF therapy has been used in Europe for decades to heal bone fractures, treat psychological disorders like depression, reduce swelling and pain, promote blood circulation, and stimulate the immune system. Almost every ailment, disease and medical challenge can benefit considerably from PEMF.

PEMF devices used to be large and expensive, making them inconvenient for at-home use. Swiss Bionic Solution, the leader in this noninvasive therapy that delivers beneficial EMFs to our bodies, offers its at-home iMRS system. Consisting of a whole body mat and a pillow, PEMF therapy just requires you to lie on the mat twice a day for eight minutes at time to optimize your cell function for up to six hours. The iMRS system is the only device in the North American market that utilizes an organ clock (biorhythm) allowing the body to receive the proper frequencies at any time.

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