How to protect your most valuable Assets – Your Cells! The case for PEMF

How to protect your most valuable Assets – Your Cells! The case for PEMF
January 14, 2015 Allie Ochs
  • Did you know that you have 75 Trillion cells in your body?
  • Did you know that every 11 month your cells renew themselves?
  • Did you know that every 3 month you make new blood cells?
  • Did you know that every 2 years your bone cells are completely renewed?
  • Did you know that every hour your body sheds 1 Billion dead cells?
  • Did you know that your cells need a 70 mV charge to perform cell turnover?

We are always rebuilding our cells, but with poor nutrition, poor cell function and our constant exposure to multiple sources of radiation this natural process is impaired and we become sick! Many civilization diseases right down to cancer are attributed to poor cell function, meaning when the cell charge drops disease can invade. For example a cancer cell has a charge of 20 mV, which is quite a difference from the required 70 mV for healthy cell turn over. How does the cell charge drop? Because of unhealthy lifestyle habits as well as the primary cause of wireless and other forms of radiation in our environment. This type of radiation is a silent killer as it directly impairs our cell function and we don’t even feel it.

Conventional medicine leaves this very important fact about optimal cell function totally out of the equation and focuses on the symptoms instead. PEMF optimizes cell function, the precursor to human health – it is as simple as that! Whether you use an iMRS or Omnium1 system the future is PEMF and with PEMF you can protect your most valuable assets your 75 trillion cells.

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