Know Your Frequencies To Become And Stay Healthy!

Know Your Frequencies To Become And Stay Healthy!
June 13, 2015 Allie Ochs

Australian born anatomy and physiology professor Dr. Ross Adey from UCLA School of Medicine, coined the term “biological window” (Bawin and Adey 1976). A biological window is a range or spectrum of electromagnetic energies that are readily accepted by the body and converted to positive physiological responses. Signals that fall outside the biological window have little effect, or in some cases even negative and or toxic effects, such as multiple sources of harmful radiation in our environment. As an analogy, audible frequencies can be pleasant (e.g., a symphony) or can be destructive (e.g., the sound of an explosion can permanently destroy hearing).

Electromagnetic frequency and living tissue

Research has proven that living tissues readily detect, absorb and utilized electromagnetic signals within a specific frequency range. The magnetic resonance stimulation delivered by the iMRS and Omnium1 within the biological window can have a profoundly positive impact on your health. Stimulation at frequencies and amplitudes outside the biological window produce little or no positive health benefit.

This means that there is a range of intensities and frequencies for which our tissue is especially receptive. Magnetic fields pass through the body virtually without encountering any resistance. If the magnetic field impulses reach the body in a certain frequency, they can resonate with the natural oscillation of cells and organ systems. One of the greatest strengths of the engineering and design of the iMRS and Omnium1 is the care with which the frequencies, intensities and waveforms are assembled to perfectly match up with the active biological windows of the human body.

“The resonance effect restores disrupted or abnormal cellular and/or cell receptor oscillations that are vital for metabolic processes, circulation, cell regeneration and the immune system.“

In layman’s terms, this means the magnetic field generated by the iMRS and Omnium1 helps every cell in your body to restore its optimal functionality and this is the essence of human health on the cell level.

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