PEMF World Congress — The Next Frontier in Health, Wellness, Sports, Anti-Aging & Prevention

PEMF World Congress — The Next Frontier in Health, Wellness, Sports, Anti-Aging & Prevention
June 13, 2015 Allie Ochs

The PEMF world gathered in Toronto, Canada for the annual congress of Swiss Bionic Solutions Canada Inc. Allie Ochs, our Canadian President, and her team organized a thrilling schedule with well renowned speakers from Europe, the Middle East and Canada. Wolfgang Jaksch, CEO of the Swiss Bionic Group, opened the event with a remarkable speech about his personal corporate journey over the past 20 years and the exciting PEMF vision for the future.

Sifu Jocelyn Toy, Kung Fu Master and President of the Canadian PEMF Institute shared the recent status of scientific research and the ever-growing credibility of PEMF around the world with all attendees. Allie Ochs and the President of Swiss Bionic Solutions USA, Greg Musser, presented the audience of over 100 representatives with an in depth workshop about the iMRS and Omnium1.

Our Canadian financing partner, Strength Finance, represented by James Plewak introduced the entire range of financing possibilities available in the Canadian market. PEMF power-seller, Kim Sartor, shared her success story with the audience and gave very valuable advice how to succeed in our business.

The event was closed by a heartfelt testimonial from Karen Seegert as she spoke about her personal experiences with the iMRS fauna and her horses. Media coverage was provided by NVP iTV Media & TV with Dianne Ojar-Alie.

What an exciting and powerful event, filled with state of the art PEMF education, lots of fun and a tremendous future for the entire PEMF industry. Changing lives in 8 minute – one cell at the time. PEMF technology the new world order of Health Care – power to the people!

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