Pacific Northwest on fire with PEMF Technology!

Pacific Northwest on fire with PEMF Technology!
July 11, 2015 Allie Ochs

80 people attended the recent PEMF presentation in Vancouver, BC and they are all excited about sharing this powerful health and wellness technology with all their peers. The all have the desire to change lives and educate the public and health care practitioners how to take control of our health on the cellular level.

The Pacific Northwest just received a big Vibrational Jolt….PEMF has hit the mainstream!

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (the iMRS and OMNIUM) are the answer to most of the conditions we are suffering from, resulting from the heinous levels of wireless pollution that we cannot avoid. There are now so many stories of relief and reclamation from headaches, body aches, injuries, fatigue, organ malfunction and diseases, that THE POWER OF THIS TIMELY TECHNOLOGY CANNOT BE DENIED!!!

“Huge thanks to Allie Ochs, president of Swiss Bionic and PEMF Global for coming to Vancouver to share such profoundly valuable information so fully!” — Challamar Rayne, White Rock BC

Here are some testimonials from this event!

“I’m so grateful for the iMRS and Omnium PEMF products – they are so needed at this time, and offer the remarkable possibility to not only withstand all the negative effects of EMF’s, smart meters, etc. (where we tend to feel powerless) but also to reverse all the problems that our wireless world has created in our bodies. Now we can make an educated and powerful choice for our health.” — Nisha Helmig

“The 2 sessions I attended with Allie ignited my passion and interest in the iMRS system. She was able to convey complex technical and scientific information in a way that made sense and truly hit home, and gave me a real understanding of the profound potential of this technology. I am excited to embark on this journey of healing with all who come aboard!” — Monika Marcovici

“Allie Ochs is riveting. She speaks from experience and is compelling and extremely knowledge. I am so affected by the power and potential of this emerging technology, that I am now wanting to open a PEMF Centre to serve the city of Vancouver.” — Tom Fahey


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