PEMF Technology Changes Lives in BC

PEMF Technology Changes Lives in BC
July 11, 2015 Allie Ochs

We were recently in British Columbia to give a presentation on the power of PEMF. The turn out for the event was incredible and we met so many new and interesting people who are all excited by the power of this amazing technology. One attendee, Sandy Levey-Lunden of, wrote to us to tell us how much she enjoyed the experience. Read her story below!

Sandra’s story

I just attended a PEMF training session hosted by Allie Ochs, President of Swiss Bionic Canada, and PEMF Global Health in British Columbia. I really appreciated Allie’s patience, knowledge and clarity on PEMF technology and how essential the low Electro-Magnetic pulses are to the body.

Anybody who has listened to Allie’s presentation cannot help but want their own personal PEMF system so they can take control of their health, vitality and cellular regeneration in the comfort of their own home. The event was filled with a high-minded community who recognized that the purchase of this system can also be used as a service for others, whether friends, family or as a business opportunity. Any one who has experienced the power of PEMF can share from their heart the personal value of using a Swiss Bionic system like the iMRS or Omnium1.

Thank you Allie, for coming all this way to British Columbia to inspire and teach us all. See you in October!

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