Why do 1.5 million people love the iMRS?

Why do 1.5 million people love the iMRS?
April 4, 2017 Allie Ochs

Popularity of PEMF

It’s been amazing to see PEMF therapy explode across the globe.  From its scientific start at NASA, to it’s mainstream success on Dr. Oz, pulsed electro magnetic therapy has become an accepted solution to reduce pain. This natural, non-evasive and safe form of relief mimics the earth’s natural magnetic energy field to restore the bodies cells. PEMF has effectively helped people like you with a wide range of issues from aches and pains to debilitating conditions.

Origins of Swiss Bionic

While PEMF systems have been around for some time and manufactured by a number of companies, one brand of PEMF device stands out from the rest — Swiss Bionic. The German company has invested over 20 years researching pulsed electro magnetic therapy and developed the most sophisticated devices on the market. Elegantly designed with quality materials, Swiss Bionic PEMF systems boast advanced features not available on other devices.

Swiss Bionic released it’s first PEMF device in 1996. The company and its products were born from a deep motivation by founder and CEO Wolfgang Jaksch to improve PEMF machines. He discovered energy medicine several years earlier while recovering from cancer. At that time, available devices were horribly designed, expensive and not very user friendly.

iMRS: Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Today the iMRS is Swiss Bionic’s 6th generation PEMF device. iMRS stands for Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation and is sometimes sold under the name iMRS 2000. It is the first system to offer a multitude of applicators, including a mat, pillow and probe. The Professional system comes preprogrammed with over 250 presets for targeting specific pain and illness. These advanced features have earned the iMRS it’s reputation as the most loved PEMF device on the market with over 1.5 million users worldwide.

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