Allie Ochs, PEMF Expert

International speaker and pulsed electromagnetic pioneer

Allie Ochs speaking at conference

A PEMF Pioneer

As one of the first individuals to pioneer the use of PEMF technology in North America, Allie Ochs has helped thousands of people take charge of their health. It is apt then that her motto has become: “Educate before you medicate and take control of your health on the cell level with cutting-edge PEMF technology, the new frontier in medicine!”

Allie Ochs speaking at conference
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Allie Ochs speaking in front of a crowd

An International Speaker

Equipped with a dynamic and down-to-earth speaking style and a wealth of knowledge, Allie has addressed global audiences about achieving optimal health and wellness with PEMF technology.

She has lectured about PEMF for home use, workplace wellness, long-term care, health care clinics and hospitals at a wide range of prestigious speaking engagements in Canada, America and around the world.

Allie Ochs has lectured alongside and worked with industry leaders, including doctors Magda Havas, William Pawluk, Robyn Benson, Paul Heroux, Brian Clement, Gary Gordon and Nagaram Reddy; Sifu Jocelyn Toy, CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions Wolfgang Jaksch, and others. As Dr. Benson, a doctor of Oriental medicine at the Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Centre, simply put it, “Allie is a marvel to watch in action. She brings a world-changing message to life with her passion, profound insights and delightful humor.”

A World Changing message

Conveying the powerful message behind PEMF comes naturally for Allie, who discovered the groundbreaking technology’s benefits while suffering from years of severe chronic health issues such as debilitating back pain, headaches, shoulder injuries and irritable bowel syndrome, which resulted in weight gain, insomnia and low energy. Under immense stress and deeply depressed, Allie tried PEMF in 2006. Seeing results almost immediately, Allie began to study the technology and today has over 10 years of knowledge and experience in restoring human health on the cell level.

“Once people understand the connection between frequencies and health and disease they can take control over their health,” says Allie Ochs. “They will then know why the conventional medical model in North America has poorly dealt with civilization and chronic diseases solely on a symptomatic level instead of the cause. They will be empowered to become pain and drug free, full of energy and get their life back. ”

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Allie is available to speak at your event!

Planning an event, function, or seminar? Allie is available to speak on a range of topics including pulsed electromagnetic therapy, the future of health care and environmental dangers created by modern technology, among other things.

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