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Allie Ochs

Allie Ochs

Allie Ochs becomes President of Swiss Bionic Solutions Canadas

November 2008


iMRS PEMF System

Allie Ochs brings iMRS PEMF systems to North America

January 2009

Sales & Seminars


PEMF Global initiates North American live seminars and sales

November 2011


Omnium1 PEMF System

Launch of the Omnium1, the world's first and only portable Android based PEMF system

March 2014

Health Canada

Health Canada Approval

iMRS approved by Health Canada and FDA as a class one and class two medical device

December 2014


Registered Nutritionist

Lindsay completes training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

December 2015

Online Community

Online Education

Launch of online community for education and support

January 2017

Blood Analysis

Blood Analysis

Lindsay and Reid become certified Live Blood Analysts

April 2018

Omnium1 2.0

Omnium1 2.0

Launch of the next generation Omnium1 2.0 with updated features

November 2018


Lindsay Pirie is an expert on PEMF technology, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Live Blood Analyst, and public speaker. Her passion for helping people achieve their best quality of life has had the added benefit of developing many amazing relationships. When she isn’t supporting and educating clients she can be found on local running trails, hiking in nature, and spending as much time having fun with her family as life will allow!

Lindsay Pirie is an essential asset to PEMF Global offering a relatable and genuine approach to helping clients understand the profound benefits of PEMF therapy. Often described as a natural born healer, she brings a vast amount of professional experience with a long-standing career in health and wellness that include credentials as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Live Blood Analyst and PEMF Specialist.

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My name is Lindsay Pirie and since PEMF therapy profoundly changed my life, I have made it my mission to share it with as many people as possible. I would need a telescope to look back at where I was pre-PEMF, suffering from depression, anxiety and a chronic shoulder injury. Unable to get myself out of the house or exercise, I discovered PEMF therapy and was able to not only overcome my challenges but excel beyond what I ever imagined I was capable of!

I have to give my head a shake now and then as I find myself travelling around North America giving presentations on this amazing technology to health care professionals, as well as people of all ages who just like myself, are actively seeking a higher quality of life. Helping people incorporate this into their lives on a personal and professional level is the most exciting thing I've ever been a part of. Making a difference and creating happier, healthier, pain free lives is incredibly rewarding on so many levels.

Over the years I have stayed rooted in health and wellness, while cultivating my passion for helping people, and maintaining my drive to learn new things. This combination has helped me become a well-rounded holistic practitioner.

As a PEMF practitioner I have extensive knowledge acquired through doing thousands of sessions with clients in a clinical setting. I am so happy to share my personal and professional experience with people who are seeking PEMF therapy as a sustainable solution. Being able to help educate people, then follow their journey from pain and disease back to health is what I feel I was meant to do.


Reid Pirie is an expert on PEMF technology, and a live blood analyst. His many years in the communications industry provided him with a vast amount of knowledge around frequency-based technology, which combined with his background in customer service and technical support make him an essential asset to our PEMF Global team. He is well known for going above and beyond to get to know our clients and learn about their individual situation. That and, of course, choosing to walk away from a corporate career to work in health and wellness with PEMF technology! When he’s not assisting clients, he can be found at the gym, or helping coach his daughter’s baseball and basketball teams.

Reid quit his career in the communications industry to devote all his energy into learning about and sharing PEMF technology. By joining the PEMF Global team he brings valuable skills that greatly benefit our clients. He provides exceptional customer service, based around getting to know people and meeting each person at their level of understanding. With a background in communications and a solid understanding of frequency-based technology Reid is able to offer technical support on all levels from beginner to advanced.

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Before being introduced to PEMF technology, I would have classified myself as a healthy, fit and active man with a relatively good quality of life. No real complaints. If you ask me now after years of using PEMF twice daily how my health compares? My list contains countless improvements that I either hadn’t realized were issues or had become so used to living with, I viewed them as normal. Seasonal allergies, food allergies, eczema, canker sores, irritability, chronic shoulder and neck pain. I had become (or had always been) part of a large demographic with a black and white view on health. I assumed that because I wasn’t sick I was healthy. Wow, was I wrong!

Unfortunately, due to my perspective on health I didn’t start using our PEMF system right away. It was my passion for science, in particular, the human body that persuaded me. As my wife’s health rapidly improved with use of our iMRS (prior to the Omnium1), I became more and more interested in the science behind what makes this technology so successful. I spent hours and hours staying up late and wading through the vast amount of research available online before I was convinced. After all, you can only read so many published scientific studies stating the profound benefits of something before deciding to get on board and least try it.


As one of the first individuals to pioneer the use of PEMF technology in North America, Allie has helped thousands of people take charge of their health. It is apt then that her motto has become: "Educate before you medicate and take control of your health on the cell level with cutting-edge PEMF technology, the new frontier in medicine!"

Conveying the powerful message behind PEMF comes naturally for Allie, who discovered the groundbreaking technology’s benefits while suffering from years of severe chronic health issues. Under immense stress and deeply depressed, Allie tried PEMF in 2006. Seeing results almost immediately, Allie began to study the technology and today has over 12 years of knowledge and experience in restoring human health on the cellular level. It is this knowledge that she believes is the key to producing healthier communities.

Equipped with a dynamic and down-to-earth speaking style and a wealth of knowledge, Allie has addressed global audiences about achieving optimal health and wellness with PEMF technology. She has lectured about PEMF for home use, workplace wellness, long-term care, health care clinics and hospitals at a wide range of prestigious speaking engagements in Canada, America and around the world. Allie has also lectured alongside and worked with industry leaders among who are doctors Magda Havas, William Pawluk, Robyn Benson, Paul Heroux, Brian Clement, Gary Gordon and Nagaram Reddy; Sifu Jocelyn Toy, CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions Wolfgang Jaksch, and others. As Dr. Benson, a doctor of Oriental medicine at the Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Centre, simply put it, "Allie is a marvel to watch in action. She brings a world-changing message to life with her passion, profound insights and delightful humor."

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Once people understand the connection between frequencies and health and disease they can take control over their health. They will then know why the conventional medical model in North America has poorly dealt with civilization and chronic diseases solely on a symptomatic level instead of the cause. They will be empowered to become pain and drug free, full of energy and get their life back.


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Reid has gone above and beyond. I'm always blown away with how quickly any task or question is answered and taken care of. I'm beyond grateful to have such an amazing resource just a phone call, text or email away!

Mark M.

I want to thank you Lindsay from the bottom of my heart for your optimism and unstoppable work ethic that has taken our family from a not so hopeful place to an exciting, healthy, hopeful and energetic present and future!! There are so many ways that you have changed so many peoples lives for the better. I look forward to continue learning from you so that I can help other families the way you have helped ours.

Desmond S.

I have been fortunate to attend 3 Pemf Presentations with Lindsay Pirie as the key speaker/presenter. I was very impressed with Lindsay’s knowledge and deliverance of the Pemf technology and the Omnium1 product. She was organized, professional and presented with such ease in her sharing of the product and the technology that I was on the edge of my chair grasping it all.

Shari G.

I have heard that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”! And vice versa, “when the teacher is ready, the student appears”!! Thank you, Reid Pirie for giving me Hope and for always giving me Encouragement!! Thank you, Lindsay Pirie for giving me Hope and for always giving me Encouragement!!

Samantha F.